Sunday, August 17, 2014

Underrated Books Part 1: The Croak Trilogy by Gina D'Amico


Let me tell you a story. About a year ago, it was late at night and as I am wont to do, I got very melancholy. I was absorbed in my own thoughts--there was simply nothing else to pay attention to. I was reflecting on the fact that it had been so very long since I'd read something that grabbed me and didn't let go until the last page. I missed loving to read so very much.

Fortunately, I'd taken out Croak from the library. It was sitting on my shelf, waiting for me to decide that I was ready to read it. I picked it up, opened it, and didn't stop reading until I was done. The next day I went to the library and got Scorch, then had the library order Rogue when it came out.

The trilogy is the funniest thing I've ever read or seen about Death, and I'm including Christopher Moore's A Dirty Job in that. Gina Damico has crafted a world that I believe and love. She balances humor and drama fantastically. She has managed to make a teen romance that has all the awkward, fumbling parts as well as the adorable and even the steamy, all at once. The world both terrifies me and enthralls me. I adore Lex, and her character growth over the trilogy is stunning. At the end of the trilogy I was left with a feeling almost like grief, at the realization that there will not be any more of this story. That to me is the mark of a good book.

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