About the Blogger

My name is Rae. I'm a longtime writer and perpetual dreamer, finally biting the bullet and working on submitting things for publication. I write primarily long fiction, but I occasionally do shorts or serials. I read and write mostly sci-fi/fantasy, specifically young adult. I am also asexual, aromantic, agender, and Catholic. Yes, all those things go together.

Besides writing, I'm a serial language student. I'm currently majoring in foreign languages, focusing on French and Spanish. I can hold a decent conversation in either of those or a slow and fumbling one in American Sign Language; say hello and introduce myself in Arabic, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese; greet people in Irish; ask how someone is in Portuguese and Cantonese; and make scattered observations in German. I am always up for practicing, so if you speak one of these languages come say hi and I'll say what I can say.

If you're wondering, the blog title is inspired by the Batmobile from the old Batman movies. It ran on jet fuel, and it looked awesome but it could only run for about eight seconds at a time. Watch the movie and count--the Batmobile is never on for more than six or seven seconds. This inspired the title because that essentially describes me on caffeine.

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